Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning by itself is a vacuuming of your air duct system.

Your air duct system is at least part fiberglass. The duct work above your A/C, the "mixing boxes" or "triangles" in your attic that distribute the air, and the "cans" (square piece that the grill attaches to) are usually made out of Fiberglass. Fiberglass is pourus and is the part that absorbs and harbours mold, bacteria, odor, hair,etc. 

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You Can Trust Our Process
Negative Air HEPA Vacuum
Cable Driven Rotary Brush
Step 3
Step 1 

We place drop cloths under every vent and cut plastic pieces and place over any furniture or electronics within a close proximity to vent. Then we seal all of the vents so your home or business is not contaminted with the contents of the duct system. 

Step 2

See pictures to the right of this text.We connect the Negative Air HEPA vac machine to the supply plenum

(duct work directly above the air handler). We let the machine run for a consideable amount of time before starting on vents.

Step 3

We remove the grills 1 at a time. After the grill is   removed, we hook our HEPA vac machine up to the vent. We then carefully guide our drill powered Roto brush through the entire length of each duct, then we carefully do the same in reverse until our brush retracts all the way out of the register. The dirt inside of the duct work is captured in the machine ,all of the dust, dirt, and dander is sucked into the HEPA vac. This method ensures there is no contamination into the home or business. Take a look at the video on the right and you will see a close up of the Roto brush going through the flex tube. Check out the way the airborn dirt particles fly towards the HEPA vac. We complete step 3 on all of the registers until the job is complete. This process will without a doubt remove any loose dust and dirt in your duct system. This is the South Florida Duct process, and it is the best and absolutey the most thorough process there is for duct cleaning.

Step 4

Each register is cleaned and reinstalled once the air duct cleaning is complete.

Flatscreen TV Covered In Plastic
Vent Sealed With Plastic Tarp
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